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Screen shot 2016 04 04 at 12.45.00 am article

Prancing Pooch Plays And Jumps For Joy In A Beautiful Field Of Grass

At some point, dogs have to know that they’re cute, right?

Screen shot 2016 04 04 at 12.42.08 am article

Deputy Sheriff Pulls His Wife Over For One Heartwarming Reason

This deputy might look like he’s about to give this nice lady a big ticket, but just wait until she pulls out a surprise that’s going viral...

Screen shot 2016 05 17 at 1.36.17 pm article

Classical Musicians Perform Beautiful Songs For Friendly Farm Animals

Humans may not be the only creatures who can come together through the power of song.

Screen shot 2016 04 04 at 12.47.09 am article

Watch As This Family’s Pup Teaches Their Baby How To Jump

If you are blessed enough to bring a dog into your family, it makes for a lifetime of cherished memories that could only bring your loved ones closer together.