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Screen shot 2016 04 04 at 12.45.00 am article

Prancing Pooch Plays And Jumps For Joy In A Beautiful Field Of Grass

At some point, dogs have to know that they’re cute, right?

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Community Post: What Bizarre GIF Are You Based On Your Zodiac?

You: *opens mouth to reveal cat*...

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15 Shows That Explain Why Millennials Are The Weirdest Generation Ever

From the creation of memes to scene culture, Generation Y’ers are stranger than any other generation yet. But what could they expect with shows like this?From the creation of memes to scene culture, Generation Y’ers are stranger than any other generation yet. But what could they expect with shows like this?

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Deputy Sheriff Pulls His Wife Over For One Heartwarming Reason

This deputy might look like he’s about to give this nice lady a big ticket, but just wait until she pulls out a surprise that’s going viral...

Link nyc gigabit wifi.0.0 article

10 Blogs All New Yorkers Should Follow in 2015

The online revolution is here and getting information has never been easier. Being the world’s most densely populated city, New York has more than enough online gurus ready to share their experiences with the world...

Unnamed article

Is The World Good or Bad?

Is the world good or bad? Simple enough, right? Well, you’d be surprised. Think about it for a moment and try to back it up the best you can. We’ll wait…

Screen shot 2014 12 22 at 2.20.24 pm article

5 Reasons Why Losing Williamsburg's Glasslands and Death by Audio Is a Travesty

All good things must come to an end, we all know that. However, it’s just not fair when that end comes way before its time. Beloved independent venues Death By Audio and Glasslands in Williamsburg have faced/face their end this year and the music scene couldn’t be more upset. For...

Screen shot 2016 05 17 at 1.36.17 pm article

Classical Musicians Perform Beautiful Songs For Friendly Farm Animals

Humans may not be the only creatures who can come together through the power of song.

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Which Music Festival Should You Go To This Summer?

Summer is almost upon us and you know what that means — sunshine, warm weather, and music festivals left and right...

Screen shot 2016 02 08 at 4.41.18 pm article

15 Signs You Used To Be A Server | WorkPulse

Brett Myers 3 hours ago. Prev Article. Whether you just needed some cash in school or you had to support yourself, you never really forget what it takes to keep a ......

Screen shot 2016 04 04 at 12.47.09 am article

Watch As This Family’s Pup Teaches Their Baby How To Jump

If you are blessed enough to bring a dog into your family, it makes for a lifetime of cherished memories that could only bring your loved ones closer together.

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“The Dress” Ravaged the Internet and Left Us Doubting Our Sanity | spoiled nyc

If you’re reading this, it’s too late. Because you’ve probably seen the picture of “the dress” and you’re freaking out over what goddamn color it is....

Final2 article

15 Painfully-Accurate Emojis For Real-Life NYC Situations

A happy or sad face doesn't cut it sometimes, especially in New York City. If you suddenly receive a martini emoji at the end of the day, you know you've got some drinking and venting to attend to. Here are 15 painfully-accurate emojis for real-life NYC situations....

Screen shot 2016 02 01 at 1.26.43 am article

Review: Screaming Females at Brooklyn's Knitting Factory

Several counterculture groups packed into New York's famous Kitting Factory on Saturday October 4th. From punks in their broken denim jackets to genderqueer persons to hipsters drinking their Shiner Bock and...

What cereal should you feed to ryan gosling jgx7 2 5324 1430859658 3 dblbig article

Community Post: Which Cereal Should You Feed To Ryan Gosling?

He might not eat it, but you have to at least try....