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“The Dress” Ravaged the Internet and Left Us Doubting Our Sanity | spoiled nyc

If you’re reading this, it’s too late. Because you’ve probably seen the picture of “the dress” and you’re freaking out over what goddamn color it is....

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15 Painfully-Accurate Emojis For Real-Life NYC Situations

A happy or sad face doesn't cut it sometimes, especially in New York City. If you suddenly receive a martini emoji at the end of the day, you know you've got some drinking and venting to attend to. Here are 15 painfully-accurate emojis for real-life NYC situations....

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10 Fan Fiction Covers for the Millennial Life in NYC

It's a unique time we live in, us millennials. The job market sucks, we're more depressed than ever, and old people think we're lazy. But, hey! At least, we've got awesome sh*t like the Internet and Beyonce, huh? We're pretty happy with that, right?...

New york night article

10 Instagrams That'll Make You Fall in Love With NYC All Over Again

Some people want to document their outfit of the day while others want to explore the sprawling urban art. To get your coverage of NYC Instagram started, here are 10 accounts to give you a taste of how to be a professional 'Gram-er....

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"Hot Dudes Reading" Is Your New Reason to Creep on the NYC Subway

Let’s face it. Intelligence is an underrated virtue these days and books are a dying medium. Which explains why brains can be even sexier than brawns. That’s why the new NYC Instagram page, “Hott Guys Reading,” has come to bring us the best of both worlds. And to do the...

Happn 1 article

7 Ways "Happn" Could Make Any New Yorker Feel Like a Player

Tinder’s a snooze, Grindr scares us, Match/eHarmony cost too much, and don’t even get us started on OKCupid. Can anyone get the totally not awkward world of online dating right? Well, a new app called Happn has come to switch things up, and it looks like they’ve figured out a...

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13 Essential Skills True New Yorkers Have Mastered By Now

Tried and true New Yorkers, native or not, have a particular set of skills. Skills that they have acquired over a very long existence here. If you can check each of these off as an expert, you may be well on your way to being a True Yorker....

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7 Hard Truths Every NYC Server Wishes You Knew

Everyone knows New York City has some of the best cuisines and dining experiences in the world. And where there are restaurants, there are servers. Despite being an incredibly demeaning job, serving will always be a good go-to job for daily income and flexible schedules....

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Real Talk? Here's 35 Absurd Things You'll Never Hear a New Yorker Say

Whatever it may be, New Yorkers probably have an opinion on it. A neighborhood, a celebrity, a new trend, or even something they haven't heard of yet....

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The Good, the Bad and the Fugly of Online Dating in NYC | spoiled nyc

There are plenty of ups and downs to online dating, and everyone can certainly imagine how awkward it is to have a connection with someone you never met. To help you out, we’ve compiled the good, the bad and the fugly that comes with your search for true love in...

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7 Emotional Stages of Coming to Terms with “The F’ing Dress” | spoiled nyc

In case you've managed to avoid it, here's a guide to what you'll experience when you're forced to lay eyes upon the dress. If you have seen it, then God bless your soul....

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Come On Bruh: 12 Desperate Things You’ll Secretly Do to Save Money | spoiled nyc

Delivery for dinner or new socks? To help put your mind at ease (with the realization that you're not alone in making these decisions), here are 12 desperate things your fellow Gen Y'ers have been doing to save a buck in NYC....

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14 Awkward Things That Remind Us of the Misery That Is Times Square | spoiled nyc

Times Square is a black hole. It sucks you in and won't let you go until you're stripped of all patience and money. Oh, and all of your happiness. There are few words that can sum up the uncomfortable experience of venturing there when in-town family or even friends ask...

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What’s Your Subway Riding Style Say About You? | spoiled nyc

Everything we do shows the world a little piece of ourselves. Especially when that particular thing involves other people. Whether we chose to make other people's lives a bit easier or do as we please reveals more about ourselves than you'd think....